Hummer H1

The Ultimate 6.5L Engine

With over 30 years of engineering experience General Engine Powered Products is proud to offer the finest 6.5L diesel engines available today. These high-performances, high-reliability engines are based on the famous Optimizer 6500 V8 power plant.

Created by General Engine Products, a subsidiary of AM General, the Optimizer 6500 is a high-performance, American-made engine that greatly improved on the power and reliability of the General Motors engine originally offered in production Hummer® H1s. The Optimizer incorporates many improvements in design, technology, and metallurgy to redefine the abilities of the original engine.

GEPP takes the power and reliability of this fine engine and steps it up to the next level, adding a custom turbo charger and other performance enhancements to create the finest engine available for critical military, racing, and extreme off-road uses. GEPP's engines have been used by virtually every H1 off-road race team and by many military groups worldwide.

All GEPP engines are new, current-production models. Genuine, American-made parts and accessories for these engines may also be purchased from GEPP.

Don't come in second-best. Choose the ultimate engine for your critical needs: the GEPP 6.5L V8 diesel. Contact us today to begin your journey to the ultimate level of performance.